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Holy weather, Batman

I have another flying post coming up, but it’s late because I’m apparently a sysadmin first, and a blogger second. If you’re visiting the site you’ll notice I’m not on blogspot anymore, otherwise feedburner should just be redirecting on it’s own, and all of this was seamless for you. Anyway, we’ve had two 70 degree days in a row, and today is shaping up just as nice. I’ve switched over to commuting on the Triumph for the most part, but rain and maybe snow is in the forecast for tomorrow (gotta love Colorado). We’ll be back to warmer days this weekend and the forecast looks promising for getting in to the air.

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This video is being passed around by a large number scooterists I know. The season is turning and with the ease of cutting through traffic, not to mention between 45 and 100 mpg depending on your ride, more and more motorbikes of all sorts are out and about.

While the message is squarely aimed at drivers to keep an eye out, it’s certainly a good example of how situational awareness suffers when you’ve got a task in mind. So whether you’re heading down the street oblivious to two wheels, or at pattern altitude fixated on waiting for a clearance, stay vigilant.

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