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Flights 29 & 30 – Stage I Check & the RMMA Air Show

N4547EThis here is 4547E.  She’s a 160hp 172 and has been my companion for the majority of my training, including my solo.  Last Tuesday (a whole week ago… I’m bad at this blogging thing) was more Stage I prep, and Friday I had my check ride.  It was a bit of a bumpy ride and other than setting up for a departure stall things went pretty well.  I didn’t perform most of the procedures as well as I would have liked, but I’ve been accused of not being real happy with any of my work unless it stands out.  The important thing though is that I got signed off for the Stage I Check, so that makes two instructors and one of the Senior CFI’s who think so.  I’ve only got time to squeeze in one more lesson before the surgery on my wrist, so I don’t think we’ll get any cross-countries in and then it’s a long break from flying, a short break from work and probably everything else until the long-term cast/brace goes on.

SR-20 Saturday was BJC’s open house and air show.  I got to introduce my wife and son to the people I fly with every week, and see lots and lots of planes.  There were a couple of Bonanzas to oogle then Jack and I finally got a tour of the inside of a Cirrus SR-20.  They’ve been sitting on the line next to the 172s I’ve been flying for almost a year, but since they’re twice the price I think I can wait until after I get my ticket.  We had my little hand held so were able to listen to the tower between airspace closures, and the air boss during.  Jack had a blast, and even spent ten minutes watching Patty Wagstaff fly.  She was dumping smoke and moving around so much that he just sat and watched her for almost her whole routine.  I got to play with my wife’s fancy camera, which can pump out three or four frames a second, and ended up with almost 500 frames before I decided I was likely to full up her memory card and called it quits.  We decided to head home between the F-18 and F-16 flights.  Jack was exhausted and slept through most of the F-18, though the fly-bys startled him.

Sunday I went back over to the airport with my wife’s grandfather to check out the B-17. We got there in time to see it take off, so hung out for a half hour or so listening to the tour waiting for her to come back.  We heard lots of smaller planes brave the crosswinds, and some divert over to Erie.  We also got to take a tour of the B-17, which he said still has some of the original radio gear in it, though it wasn’t hooked up.  All in all it was a very busy week and weekend, and I’m almost looking forward to some downtime next week, even if it’s surgery induced.

I’ll leave you with a quick video of Patty Wagstaff…

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