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It’s been awhile and time brings a lot of changes.  First and most important is a new addition to the flight crew by the name of Josephine.  It remains to be seen if she’ll be as interested in hanging out at the airport as her older brother is, but we’re very happy to have her and she seems as infatuated with us as we are with her.  Jack is taking to her quite nicely, making sure she’s always in a blanket, giving her lots of kisses and always worrying about her.  So far he’s been the perfect big brother.

US_FAA_private_pilot_licenseIn other news I received my Temporary Airman Certificate a few days  before my son’s birthday, the first week of May, just a few short weeks before Jo was born.  The fancy plastic card showed up not too long later, but as you can imagine I’ve been too busy and under-slept to really exercise it.  I got up once to practice some landings in mid-June and that’s been it so far.  Rest assured I’ll put it to good use once I get caught up on some sleep.  I owe my wife and many friends and family members some right seat time.  For those of you that recall my time out last year (don’t click that if stitches and x-rays scare you), I had to take another much shorter one in April.  This time to extract the screw from my left scaphoid (wrist) as it had loosened up and was wriggling around.  This was causing all kinds of complications with getting flexibility back, but recovery was fast and I was on my check ride barely three weeks post-op.

On the site side of things I’ve got some plans for some of the static pages and of course I’d like to catch up with the entries in my log book.  It’s been so long I’m sure I won’t have anything interesting to say about every flight, but there’s still a lot of experiences in there to get out in to the ether and hopefully motivate some other student pilots out there.  Till next time!

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