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Flight 39 – KBDU

Boulder_06 I am way way behind with these, and I have such great things to post.  I hope to get all caught up this weekend, though I have a long cross country scheduled for Sunday so I may end up short.  Anyway, on to what we did last week.

Last Thursday we left Metro intent on getting some more landings in, preferably away from BJC or Erie.  We flew up to Longmont and got in one full stop, but it was quite busy, so we meandered on over to BDU (aka Boulder Municipal).  It’s on the north east side of town, so was a very quick jaunt over from LMO.  This is by far the smallest strip I’ve landed on, though the airport itself has a lot more aircraft and services than Erie.  We got four touch and goes in on runway 8.  Gliders operate off the smaller strip just north on the runway (8G/26G in the picture), and coming in for our first circuit I finally got to see the towing operation first hand.  It’s quite impressive how quickly a glider gets off the ground!  Every single one of my landings here were way above the glide slope turning on to final.  That body of water right off the approach end of 8 is Hayden Lake, and this was my first experience being over water on short final.  I got some practice in slipping the airplane to get down without going too far past the displaced threshold.  I’ve mentioned side slipping for crosswind landings, so here’s a quick rundown on the forward slip for the non-pilots.  A forward slip is a cross controlled maneuver that allows one to bleed off altitude without increasing airspeed.  While a side slip keeps the nose aligned with the runway so that you can fly through a crosswind, it doesn’t do much to your descent rate.  A forward slip keeps your ground track, but points the nose away from the center line, and allows you to descend quite a bit without speeding up the plane, or more importantly your ground speed.  The names seem opposite of what the maneuver looks like,  but if you look at your flight path through the pocket of air you’re in it starts to make sense.

I’m hoping to get another post up tomorrow, and I may roll the last two flights in to one, as yesterday was a short flight and mostly landing practice.

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