Expect Left Traffic

Flights 37 & 38 – Performance Landings

Last week I got two really good flights in.  I started the week with a short jump over to Erie for a few touch and goes.  Dropped my instructor off, and then soloed back over to Metro for a couple more touch and goes, and then back to Erie to pick him up.  Erie is barely outside of Metro’s airspace, so it’s a little busy getting up, leaving the airspace, getting information and planning an approach.  Take too long to put it all together and you may end up with an weird entry to the pattern because you were too far north and east for a standard midfield entry.  Luckily heading the other way you can just head west while you gather information and make your calls to BJC.  Metro was very busy leading up to my first touch and go, so I had to do a 360 just outside their airspace while waiting to make contact.  As soon as that first one was done though the frequencies went so quiet I almost thought I lost my radios.  All in all it was a pretty uneventful flight, which is, I suppose, how first solos (this one outside of the pattern) should be.

Later in the week we worked on more short field landings, and even a few dead stick (simulated engine out) landings.  I’m getting better and my airspeeds, but still need some work on dropping it in steeper for short field landings.  I have a tendency to get a low approach and then drag it in with power, or coming in above the glide slope which ends up with a long roll out.  Our last landing was quite fun, but a bit unnerving at first.  We were in the south pattern, left hand traffic for 29 Left, when we were offered 29 Right if we could make our base before the numbers. We took the clearance, or rather my instructor did, and set up for a power off full flap landing.  Our nose was pointed so low and directly at the pavement that I imagined we could have been sky diving.  We touched down about a quarter way up the runway.  I was worried at first, when we were high up but at 9000 feet long there was plenty of room, and once I was closer to the ground and had a more familiar sight picture I settled in for a nice smooth landing.

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