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Flight 36 – Third Solo, EIK

DSC00769-640 Today was my third solo, and third airport.  This was by no means my best work, but it was also at my least favorite airport. Erie’s runway is only a little shorter than Longmont, but it’s got a decent amount of grade and rising terrain on both sides.  Usually you climb out of an airport at Vy (see last post) but the first touch and go reminded me of how slow this particular 172 climbs so most of my takeoffs were at Vx, the best angle of climb speed.  This is used to get off short fields and over obstacles, and a new housing development adds a couple dozen feet to the hills already around the field.  My instructor gives nervous situations like this a “pucker factor”, of which I rate EIK fairly high.  I finally remembered to snap a picture while I was downwind for my second solo landing, so now I have proof I can land safely.  Flying’s the easy part.

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