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Flight 35 – First Cross Country

cys Today we did my first cross country.  We hopped up to Cheyenne (CYS) using a flight plan I created a few weeks ago as homework and flew back on the reverse.  Most of the flight was flown with a combination of pilotage (visual landmarks) and dead reckoning (using time, course and speed to calculate fixes), but we had the VOR tuned in both ways as a backup.  The way up was pretty uneventful.  Moderate turbulence was forecast, but we had a smooth ride both ways.  For a holiday weekend both airports and the airspace between seemed pretty deserted.  I had a hard time keeping my altitude steady for the first half of the way up, but realized the throttle lock wasn’t holding quite as well as it good.  I’d noticed it on trips around the pattern, but it’s not usually a huge issue when you’ve constantly got a hand on it.  Once up in Cheyenne we had lunch at a Mexican place attached to the terminal.  They were only serving breakfast, but it worked out as they have a pretty good machaca.  The trip home we did a few what-ifs, consisting of being diverted to Greeley when were just past Carr, and a pair of “if the engine went out here would you make it there” scenarios.  I was complimented on having things pretty well planned, and now I just need to get used to some of the differences of a cross country flight.  I usually don’t include things like oil and exhaust temp when we go out the practice area and perform maneuvers, but I need to get used to doing it in cruise flight.  Next up my instructor would like to get me checked out to solo outside of the pattern at our local airspace.  Not sure how far along we’ll get on Tuesday, but it’s very exciting indeed.

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