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Flight 34 – Second Solo

Today (yesterday, I forgot to publish this last night) I got nine more landings and 1.5 hours in my log book.  .6 of those hours and four landings were all on my lonesome.  This time around I made some of my finest landings, I even compensated for being alone right off the bat.  BJC has nice long runways so I was able to do touch and goes instead of full stop landings.  We almost weren’t able to get even that in, as there was an odd extension to the temporary flight restriction from the Democratic National Convention.  For some reason VFR aircraft in the normal TFR, and the Delta airspace surrounding Metro needed an ATC assigned squawk code, similar to an instrument flight.  This was taking a good deal of time, so initially we thought we’d head up to Fort Collins to practice.  As we were waiting for our code and taxiing out to the runway there were a pair of Colorado National Guard CH-60s.  This was my first up close look at one, and boy are they big.  After we finished our run-up we asked ground about our code, right when the TFR lifted.  What ever big wig was coming in or out of the airport had gone, so we decided to stay in our home pattern and make the best use of the time we had left.  What normally takes us 15 to 20 minutes took nearly 40.  All the same, I got in 5 landings with my instructor and 4 solo!  Turns out I really am a pilot, and safely landing a plane on my son’s birthday wasn’t a fluke!

Sunday we’re planning to do my first cross country flight.  A cross country is defined as any flight where you land at any airport other than the one you took off from, but for it to qualify for most certifications that airport must be at least 50 nautical miles away.  Further for some of them.  We’re going to use a flight plan I put together to Cheyenne a few weeks ago, and I’ll just plug in the weather numbers.  This week I gleaned a bit of good information from the AOPA news feed that calculates best speed and fuel economy, which I’m going to post about tomorrow or Saturday.

I’m hoping I can keep this rate up and get my ticket while 2008 is still in session.  In the mean time I’ll follow the advice of my friend Mariko and what CFI Jason Miller say a lot (in their respective languages), “do your best”.

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