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Flight 33 – Spot Landings

AKA Precision Landings.  This is where your goal is to put the plane down on the ground (safely).  Mine were pretty close to the mother-in-law approach, but after 11 landings in the book, the last three were pretty darn close.  Due to weather it’s been three weeks since I’ve gotten up, so the first three landings weren’t as close, or smooth as they could have been.  A lot of that was getting back in to the hang of things, and by the third landing my pattern and approach were a lot better, I just wasn’t in the box.  A few more tries later and my instructor had me try dragging it in, which helped a lot but may not be the preferred method (having spare altitude is always nice).  This involves coming in low and then using power to keep the plane aloft, but usually under the glide slope.  As you near your touchdown point you make subtle power changes to increase or decrease your float time before you touch down.

It was fun trying to put the plane right where you want it, but I’d like to practice until I can use a technique that actually keeps me on the glide slope.  That’s preferred for obstacle avoidance, and having enough altitude to glide to the runway should there be an engine problem.  No dead stick (engine out) landings this time, though I was kind of expecting one.  We’ll probably do some next time.  My instructor also said I’m back to where I was pre-wrist hardware, so if the weather agrees next week I’ll be soloing again.  I’m looking forward to that as I haven’t soloed at my home air port yet, and I wasn’t with my primary instructor up at Longmont.  I’m going to have to charge up my camera and clear up the memory stick this time around.

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