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Flight 32 – More approach stalls

My last lesson was almost a week ago, but the schedule’s been pretty full so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write about it yet.  Only just now had a chance to get the flight from paper to Zululog, and thought I should get this out while it’s still in my head.  Last time up we did about four approach stalls, and got in one touch and go back at BJC.  The north runway was closed for painting, so we had to sneak in what we could.  We had to forgo one of the touch and goes for a low approach pass.  Those are always fun, as you don’t get to fly that close to the ground without landing all that often.  It really enhances the sense of speed when everything is that low and close.

It sounds like I’m going to solo again in the next lesson or two, and after that we’re going to do a cross-country.  I was given a choice to plan a flight to either Cheyenne or Akron.  I think I’m going to do Cheyenne, as we planned a flight to Akron in ground school.  We’re going to focus on pilotage, so I’ll have to find some good landmarks to navigate by.  I picked up the latest charts and A/FD this weekend, as mine expired while recovering from surgery.  I have a check up and x-ray on Wednesday, and with any luck flying on Thursday will be much easier.  I’ll let you all know then.

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