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Flight 28 – Stage I Prep

Due to weather, I took about a ten day break from flying.  Thursday however I got up to do a little practice for the Stage I Check.  We did some slow flight, a few stalls and a steep 360° turn that became a 540 due to traffic.  We made it back to BJC in time to do a few touch and goes before the plane was due, and had three of my smoothest touchdowns, across two landings.  I had a bit too much speed on our first touch and go, even though I put the plane down ever so smoothly, about fifteen or twenty feet later we went a few inches back in to the air and then settled back down just as smoothly.  After this we were comfortable enough with the weather to do a couple soft-field landings and then for the full stop my instructor said he wanted to see the nicest, smoothest, softest landing and it was all up to me how I went about it.  We were making traffic for the south runway, but were cleared to cross over to the north as I started my decent.  I went for a slower descent due to the longer base leg, and decided to come in with 30° flaps instead of my usual 20.  Winds were calm so I didn’t need extra speed to cut through turbulence or a crosswind.  I also opted for a standard landing so didn’t add a touch of power as we were coming.  The result was the softest, smoothest, straightest landing I’ve experienced.  Not just made, but been present for.  I don’t think they get any better.  It was a a landing to be emulated, repeated, but not something likely to be improved upon, and it was all mine.  This week I’d like to get one more practice session in and then maybe bump the following lesson for the Stage I check.  Once that’s out of the way it’s on to more finesse style landings, and maybe a cross country in the near term.

On another front, it looks like I will indeed be getting a screw put in to my wrist.  That means in about two weeks I’ll be taking at least three weeks off from flying.  With any luck if I end up in an old fashioned cast I’ll have enough mobility to operate the flight controls.  If not these posts may end up shifting in focus a little.

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