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Flight 27 – More soft-field work

I flew last Monday, but it’s been a hectic week, so am only just now getting to post.  We did more soft-field work, with a touch of crosswind from time to time.  I’m definitely getting better at them!

In other news it appears I have what’s called a Scaphoid nonunion in my left wrist.  About four years ago I was in a pretty serious motorcycle wreck, and apprently a broken wrist doesn’t get noticed when a compound femoral fracture is involved.  Over the years it hadn’t felt like more than a sprain, and only when aggravated (usually via the clutch of a bike).  This season however it’s been quite painful after only two or three days of riding.  I went to see a hand specialist on Thursday to finally figure out what’s going on, and he found this very quickly.  It seems the best option if I want to keep riding motorcycles or fly with any finesse in my old age is going to be surgery.  They’re talking about a bone graft from my radius, putting it in the scaphoid and securing everything with a screw.  I’m going to get some more details during the week, but I may be taking a break from flying soon depending on what kind of cast and meds I’m stuck with.  Stay tuned, as I’ll probably keep blogging on my efforts to not get too rusty if have to take an extended leave from my lessons.

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