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Flight 24 – WX Abort

Yesterday we made a quick run (about a half pattern) and then right back down.  We took off on 11L and came around and landed on 2.  It was an interesting turn of circumstances, as the weather started off about perfect for practicing some crosswind landings.  After our run-up and a ten minute wait as second at the hold line (there were a lot of planes coming down, and people crossing runways), the winds had picked up considerably.  I was expecting to need full aileron deflection to compensate for the crosswind, but I was also told I’d need right rudder to keep on the center line.  After drifting off quite a bit, I just went as far in to the wind as rudder and aileron would let me.  We got pushed around quite a bit, and we weren’t far off the ground when my instructor decided to take over and call for a full stop instead of touch and go.  About three hundred feet up we were offered runway 2, and took it in a hurry.  Winds were so strong that we had to crab almost 45 degrees to the runway to stay on track!  Though, with my instructor at the yoke we had an exceptionally smooth landing given the winds.  He also made an impressive crosswind landing in a 152 last Thursday, so I was in pretty good hands.  I’ve got time booked on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll have another update soon.

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