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Flight 22 – BJC – LMO – BJC, aka Ready to Solo

KLMOI haven’t flown to LMO (Vance Brand) since late November (yes, I confirmed that in my zululog to make sure I had it right).  My first two lessons were touch and goes there, then on to air work and the big runways at Metro when I switched instructors (my previous landed a gig at a regional airline).  I made one more transitory visit with a stand-in instructor in late November (that was also my introduction to hood-work, turns to a heading using the wet compass), and then today we did one full stop and a bunch of touch and goes.  The runway looks shorter than EIK, but that must be the extra 15 feet of width, as I double checked the Airport/Facility Directory.  I nailed a lot of really good landings, and even one of my smoothest take-offs yet.  The goal is to be endorsed for at least two nearby airports for my solo work, so if things are a bit windy at BJC I can still get some good practice in elsewhere.  Speaking of, my instructor today said I’m ready.  If I don’t solo with the other guy on Thursday, I likely will on Monday with him.  Weather pending, of course (though that seems to be the theme during the spring).  That will be a pretty big milestone and with some motivation, time and cooperative winds, I could have my ticket in time to put it to use while it’s still summer.  One thing I’d like to do is haul my nephew up (and eventually my son, when he’s a little older) on Christmas Eve to check out all the lights and keep an eye out for Santa.  December is awhile off however, and at the moment my Private certificate has never felt closer.

And now, I’m off to find some older shirts that I won’t mind getting cut up.  I’m sure my wife has more than a few good ones in mind.

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