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Flight 18 – Stalked by clouds

Yesterday I had a surprise lesson! I had forgotten I booked time in the late afternoon. Luckily my calendar had it for lunch time, so when my phone started giving me reminders I was puzzled. So puzzled that I rushed to the web scheduler to confirm that I wasn’t supposed to be flying at noon (a mere 15 minutes away at this point). Turns out I was right, I didn’t have a lesson booked. On a whim I started checking the remaining time slots, and sure enough I had something booked a few hours away. My wife was nice enough to drop my flight bag off at work for me so I wouldn’t have to leave early and run all over the place (BJC is a five minute drive from my work). I’ve already put in a request with the company who hosts the schedule for some email update and ical love, but in the mean time I’ll have to be better about booking stuff on my calendar as well as theirs.

We did actual landings this time instead of a handful of low passes to start. As we were making our way around the pattern we got to watch some interesting weather develop and work it’s way out of Eldorado Canyon. This wall of precipitation was visible back up in to the mountains, and came surprisingly closer with each climb out. Of course we lost sight on the downwind leg, but it was amazing how much it moved in the few minutes our backs were to it. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures but it reminded me of “Blink“, the least cheesy Doctor Who episode ever. If clouds had teeth I don’t think I could have flown, and that video clip still freaks me out.

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