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Flight 17 – More low passes

These are fun! I was with a new instructor Saturday (more on that in a minute) and we did more low passes, only even closer to the ground. It’s a challenge to keep a plane in landing configuration just barely off the ground. Not only do you need the same control inputs as landing, but you have to be on top of the throttle as you don’t want to go around just yet, nor do you really want to land. I’m starting to get the hang of this flying just off the ground thing, and it sounds like a first solo isn’t too far off.

As for the instructor, he’s been with the school for quite some time now I believe, and it seems I see him in the office pretty much any day I fly. My usual CFI had a sudden bout of illness (mid-lesson it sounds like, that’s rough), and I got to fly with this other gentleman. I think we got along well, and we both enjoyed the flying. I’ve been thinking of ramping up the frequency of my lessons now that the weather is turning, and this guy is available every day. I’m thinking of trying to fly with him once a week, and my usual CFI once a week as well.

Which brings me to something I’m very grateful for, my flight school. I’ve heard quite a few stories from both CFIs and students about territorial instructors, overly small fleets (does one plane count as a fleet?), poor maintenance, etc. While my school has had some ups and downs on the maintenance front, it seems that they’re all very normal issues for a fleet that isn’t 10 years new, or for unfamiliar planes coming online. Pretty much everything I’ve squawked has been fixed by the next time I’ve flown the same plane, only 48 hours in one case. My school also has a very comfortable, club-like feel to it. On days that we don’t end up flying, it’s not unusual for me to hang out the entire time I was scheduled, chatting with the employees, students and other pilots the entire time. They always make me feel welcome, and I’m very glad I was referred there.

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