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Flight 16 – Best Landing Yet

It’s been awhile, last weekend was scrubbed due to turbulence, and the makeup flight I scheduled Thursday didn’t happen either. I need to get together with Peter Griffin and pick up some cloud insurance. Look at them up there… plotting. At 10:00 it was legally VFR, but on my way over to the airport (fortunately Metro is only about five minutes from my work) I noticed clouds in the pattern. Weather cleared up very nicely, and I ended up being able to get a 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm slot. Unfortunately the weather was scheduled to shift around that time, as not long after getting to the airport the winds had picked up considerably. About five minutes later we had a mix of rain and snow, falling sideways. Once that had tapered off, I got the photo of the parking area. Planes and buildings were fading in and out, and was fascinating to watch. There were a handful of brave bizjet pilots taking off in this mess, but mostly we went over weather, and chatted with the employees.

Today I finally got back in the air in a new addition to the fleet. There were a few technical difficulties that made the flight interesting. The tach reported about 200 or more rpms higher than actual, airspeed indicator was very sluggish and possibly just wrong, there was quite a strong smell of petrol in climbing attitudes, and the nose gear had a hell of a shimmy. Fortunately we really only did two landings after a series of low passes just trying to keep the plane five to ten feet off the runway. This seemed to have helped a lot as the next two landings were my best yet. I suppose the massive shimmy was also a good motivation to keep holding the nose off as long as possible. If I can keep this up and the weather holds out, it sounds like I’m not terribly far off from a first solo.

The weather is really starting to warm up, which is good for the motorcycles. It’s been a few months since I could go on a ride of any length, and today I got to ride out to the airport and back. My wife caught me trying to figure out how to attach my seat pad to my messenger bag, so she gave me our anniversary present a few weeks early. She got me this fancy cross-country backpack from Sporty’s. It’s got a ton of room, and the beaver tail worked great for attaching the cushion. It’s finally warm enough to break out the bikes on a regular basis, and once I have a rain cover for the pack I won’t be stuck in the truck for trips to the airport.

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