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Flight 15 – Ferrying to Maintenance

First, a quick thanks to the support guys at Zulu Log. I mailed them to make sure they were okay with me posting a link here (way down near the bottom). Not only did they give me the okay, but I got another mail a few days later with some suggestions for getting data here. I’m going to start off with the “share my flight” option, and see how that goes.

Back to business, my flight today was cut a little short, due to our plan being due for maintenance. The only way to get a lesson in was to ferry the plane to the mechanic at the end of our lesson. We chose to head over to Erie Municipal for some touch and goes, which could have gone much better. I did a better job on airspeed in the pattern, though we had some wonkey sink rates on the approach to runway 33. I’m not sure if it was terrain, or the new sub division they were building there. The first landing was really hard. I was way too low for the round out, and while everything turned out okay, it was almost a painful lesson in how runway width affects your sight picture of a good landing! Since the runway’s also a good deal shorter than at BJC, this ended up being a full stop, taxi back, and start all over again. Got a few more touch and goes in after that, but had to cut the lesson twenty minutes or so short, as we were leaving the plane and our ride back to the school was en route. It was unfortunate as I felt like I was finally getting a feel for the runway, but probably better that way at the time. I was almost disappointed with the lesson as we were climbing out of the plane, but now that I’ve had a few hours to reflect, I’m actually feeling much better about it. I’ve read over and over how runways can change your perception of everything leading up to landing, but I guess you’re never really ready until you experience something.

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