Expect Left Traffic

Flight 14

Weather today was great. There was an 8 to 10 kt crosswind, but not terribly gusty, so we got lots of pattern work done. I’m getting things nice and square, holding TPA nicely, but still having some airspeed issues on base and final. Not nearly as much variation as on Thursday, and it’s nice to see improvement. We got in nine touch and goes, and of course one full stop. The 172 I rented today has an abysmal climb rate though, and it was a lot of waiting to get up 500 feet for turning cross. However, at some point in cross we had enough of a headwind that I’d be at pattern altitude or just above after finishing my turn. All in all it was a good day, and I had a lot of fun.

Flight Date/Time Aircraft ID Route Full Stop Touch/Go Total Landings Total Time Flight Remarks
3/22/2008 N4547E BJC 1 9 10 1.2 “Improved pattern but need work on consistent airspeed through base final”
Totals 15 46 61 19.1

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