Expect Left Traffic

Flight 13

This one was almost canceled due to weather as well, but since the winds were just starting to come in we decided to give it a go. I’m glad we did, as my last flight was over a month ago! My crosswind taxis and takeoffs were really good and I got some good slow flight practice, in moderate turbulence even. It was a lot of fun keeping my airspeed pegged at fifty-five knots, and flying a little 360. Facing West my ground speed was shy of thirty, but climbed way up to over ninety and back down as we went. This lesson would have been a really good example of how your heading and course can be two entirely different things (if this hadn’t already been hammered in during the ground school).

Next up we had time for a handful of touch and gos at Metro (I still had to think to not to call it Jeffco). The first was a full stop landing in the middle of 29 Left to let a helicopter work his way north. He was hanging a tire off a rope, for reasons still unknown to both instructor and me. We had seen him before we made a go/no-go decision, and used his pendulum to gauge the winds. After that I had two pretty good touch and gos, considering the crosswind. I still have a hard time with my airspeed on base and final, as it seems I spend too much time looking at the runway (finally got my eyes off the instruments), and when I do my pitch suffers. On our final landing, about 200 feet AGL (above ground level for my family who aren’t in the know yet) and 200 feet shy of 29 Right we got hit by some low level wind shear which required a judicious application of power to get up to a sink rate that wasn’t scary. Both that landing, and one of the touch and gos were sans instructor help, which felt pretty good to hear.

Here’s a quick breakdown from the log (minus a few columns that are either blank or insignificant). I put all of these in ZuluLog so I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, I’m just too tired at the moment to figure it out.

Date Type ID Points Remarks Landings Hours
3-18 C172 N4547E BJC to BJC slow flt in light turb. pattern winds to 28kt, wind shear, some x-wind 4 1.3
Total 51 (14 full stop) 17.9

Also, someone parked an A-36 over near Western Air. I would have been okay with scrubbing this flight, as I could have gawked at it for an hour and a half and then gone back to work. I didn’t want to crawl up the wing and peek inside (I imagine it’s the equivalent of walking up to a strangers motorcycle and trying it on for size) so I couldn’t tell you much about it, but boy was it pretty. Something to wish for should I ever win the lottery.

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