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Sickness Strikes Again

And it’s taken me all weekend to find the time to get to this post (though you think with a three hour block of time freed up on Saturday it would have been easier). My instructor called me Friday evening, and he’s got a quite a flu. He lucked out with some work re-scheduling and shift covering, and I have some time booked with him for Monday if he’s feeling better, Thursday if he’s not, and I’ll be looking in to Saturday or Sunday as well. It’s starting to feel like a very long time since I’ve gotten in to the air (or on a motorbike, but that’s a different story). I’ve been tempted to fire up Flight Simulator X since I have a yoke and pedals, but I already need to break the habit of not looking outside enough.

My last flight was mostly slow flight maneuvers and lots of touch and gos. I’m not certain if that’s what we have in store for the next lesson, or if we’re going to go over emergency procedures again (that was the thought last lesson we got to do). Those are always interesting as north of Denver there are lots of fields and open spaces to choose from. Picking the best one isn’t always easy, though finding a suitable place almost always is. With any luck I’ll finally have something of substance to post. I suppose it also wouldn’t hurt to recount some of my earlier lessons and stuff leading up to this, but time can be tight with a ten month old who doesn’t believe in bed times.

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