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Flight 21 – 3 Full Pages in the Log

vol3-216Yesterday we had another really good flight. We started out with some IR turns to heading, and I now have a full hour under the hood. After that we did some approach stalls and then back to the pattern for some touch and goes. Approach stalls are done by setting the plane up in a landing configuration, slow down to pattern speed, and then enter a 20 degree bank, and keep pulling back until well after the stall horn starts. Once the plane starts buffeting you go to full throttle (carb heat on of course), level the wings and once you get a positive climb rate slowly bring in flaps. The goal is to lose as little altitude as possible during the maneuver, practical test standards dictate ±100 feet of assigned altitude, and I climbed a bit (even with the engine at idle). Back in the pattern I got in 4 touch and goes, with no assistance this time around. I bounced one of them but was able to recover it nicely. We also did a power off landing, as a simulated engine failure. That went well and such a short approach with no power was a lot of fun. My instructor noticed how much more loose and relaxed I am while we’re flying, and if the next few session go as well, I should be soloing soon.

Now that I’ve got three full pages in my log book, I’ve got to get Zululog caught up. Cheers.

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