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Flight 19 – Lunchtime Practice

Today I took a long lunch and sneaked in a lesson, one of the advantages of living and working so close to the airport. We did some practice maneuvering with or just shy of the stall horn, some zig zagging turns (sort of like a S turns without a ground reference) and a failed engine procedure. Although it’s been six months or more since my last go at the latter, everything comes rushing back in a hurry (plus, there’s not much to do in a 172). After that it was back to BJC for some touch and goes until we had to return the plane. It was nice to get out of the pattern and the turns were a lot of fun. It seems both instructors agree I’m about on the verge of soloing, and I think if I squeeze in two lessons a week it shouldn’t be too much l longer now before I can get to that milestone. Now if only the Colorado weather would get with the program.

April 21st, 2008 Posted by | Flying |